Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cyclists don't figure in state plans for Sunset

State highway engineers will show their plans Wednesday evening for the repaving of Sunset Drive west of South Miami. This is just the kind of project where we look for a way to include bicycle lanes, as in the Coral Way repaving that's close to completion east of Miami's Roads neighborhood. For various reasons, right now there are no bike lanes in the blueprints for Sunset. And that's unfortunate, for frequent riders along that corridor tell me they have not found alternate routes that go all the way through to points of interest such as Ludlam school, South Miami Hospital, downtown South Miami or the Metrorail station.

The project does include adding a five-foot sidewalk on the side of Sunset that currently does not have one. Certainly that should be done, and not only because the Americans with Disabilities Act calls for it. This is not a case of bicyclists vs. pedestrians. Both we who walk and we who bike, as well as wheelchair users, want to see streets designed for all who use them and not just for motor cars.

I recommend that cyclists from the area be at South Miami Library at 6 p.m. on Wednesday the 7th, and courteously make the case for what we need. The project area, by the way, extends from SW 69th Avenue to SW 84th Place.

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Eddie Suarez said...

Hey Jhop,

I bet they take that 5 foot sidewalk and litter it with "junk". Newspaper bins, light poles, electric poles, bus benches, etc just like they do to all other sidewalks, leaving only 1 foot of actual usable space.