Thursday, October 15, 2009

Each ride a statement for a healthy climate

While most of us ride bicycles because it's fun, I wonder how often we think of how our two-wheeled transportation also helps slow climate change. It's true, you know. When we bike instead of drive, we avoid burning motor fuel and throwing that much more Earth-warming carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. What you're doing to prevent global warming is just one more reason to feel good about your next ride. And a very good reason to invite others to join us. Just do it.

For more facts about global warming, click here.

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Anonymous said...

We might also keep in mind that most cyclists also own one or two cars, so that we don't only think "cyclist" when we see one or another on the road. We might also think "car owner" that's more savvy than the rest. We might significantly help the cycling cause by helping motorists understand that, when they're inclined to complain about cyclists, they're complaining car owners that at any particular moment are choosing not to drive. It's not so much "them" and "us" as it is "us" and "us." If cyclists misbehave, it's car owners misbehaving while cycling. Maybe we need to be teaching car owners how to cycle better. -- Herb Hiller,