Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saturday ride to show care for climate

A bike ride from Vizcaya Metrorail Station this Saturday, Oct. 24, will be part of a global call for serious reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Riders will make their way through downtown Miami to Bicentennial Park, where they'll find phone lines and petitions for reaching out to the U.S. Senate. At 2 p.m., everybody will gather for a big group photo between the park and American Airlines Arena. The crowd will be arranged in the figures 350, signifying the 350 parts per million that's supposed to be the most CO2 content the Earth's atmosphere can accommodate without grave harm. (By some accounts, the current level is closer to 390 ppm.)

To make the ride, be at Vizcaya Metrorail Station at 11 a.m. Bring water and sunscreen, and wear green.

This whole thing is organized by and 1Sky Florida, whose websites will tell you more.

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