Monday, January 18, 2010

Singer charged in cyclist's death

The Venezuelan singer Carlos Bertonatti, right, faces multiple traffic charges, including vehicular homicide, following the death of a bicyclist yesterday on the road between Miami and Key Biscayne. Bertonatti, 27, was arrested near his Key Biscayne home after Christophe Le Canne was hit on the Bear Cut bridge and his cycle dragged some three miles down Crandon Boulevard.

When police found Bertonatti's Volkswagen Jetta it showed body damage and a smashed windshield. Le Canne, 44, of South Miami, lay dying on the roadside as cyclists who saw the accident tried to help him and pleaded with 911 operators to get a rescue truck to the scene.

Bertonatti's publicist, Patti Rodriguez, released this statement:
...Both Carlos and his family are devastated. Lives were changed forever and two families are grieving and going through an extremely difficult time. Carlos's wish at this time is for everyone's thoughts and prayers to be with the victim and his family. He is [profoundly] saddened and shocked with what has happened and his hopes are that we all reach out to help the family at this time for their loss. He and his entire family extend their deepest condolences and pray that God accompany both families in such a devastating time.
Bertonatti was ordered to surrender his passport and he was held in county pretrial detention. Bond was set at $100,000.

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Jessica said...

I hope this guy really get's what he deserves and not the "star treatment."

Anonymous said...

This guy may be someone in Venezuela but he's nobody here. He's facing serious charges and a lawsuit from the victims family.

Eddie Suarez - Kpeste99 said...

The statement is BS. "He is [profoundly] saddened and shocked"

Then why didn't he stop? Why did he continue on for 4 miles and proceed to go home? Those are not the actions of someone who is saddened and shocked.

Unless he is saddened and shocked that he's finally going down! He has 42 prior traffic violations plus 2 arrests. I would love to have someone explain to me how someone with this record was behind the wheel??? If law enforcement can't enforce, if the state can't prevent it, then where were his family and friends? Who's car was he driving? Who lent it to him?