Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A word to the wise about bikes on the bus

If you put your bike on one of the bus-front carriers in the Miami-Dade Transit system, be extra careful that the bike is fixed in place. That's the takeaway from Daniel Perez's tale on
Highmoon's Ponderings.

We're sorry about the bike, Dan, and hope to see you back on the street soon!


Premitive1 said...

I was indeed very disappointed to hear about this, and commented appropriately on his blog.
A part of me really enjoys how tight knit some of the biking community is that we can all learn about the hardships our colleagues in biking face.
Since you don't have a post specifically addressing your current poll I figured this was a good enough place to say something.
While I understand the idea of isolating bicycles to one car to limit their impact on non-biking users, the problem I personally have with this policy is that I often bring my laptop with me on trips to that part of town (I live in NMB) and I like the idea of using my laptop in the internet car.
But with the current rules I can't have my cake and eat it too. Either I leave my bike wherever I get on and rely on busses only to get around once I get to my destination, or I take my bike and can't use the internet!

Daniel M. Perez (Slow Bike Miami) said...

Yeah, it was a real crappy day but at least the bike is now fixed. I may or may not push this to small claims court; we'll see.