Monday, February 22, 2010

SUV vs. Boca cyclists

Updated Feb. 23
This was passed along after a right-hook road incident on Route A1A in Boca Raton:

This happened on Saturday as a group of about 25 were cooling off as they returned from a long ride. Tim Bascombe said that about half a mile north of Palmetto Park Road, the SUV made a slight right turn in front of the group and the driver hit his brakes. Two cyclists hit the back of the car and others veered into the street. One rider went under the SUV and broke a collarbone. The woman you hear sounding off in the video was a passenger, not the driver.


Michael said...

Dude, what is this woman's problem? Can someone fill out the rest of the story here?

Anonymous said...

I'm the guy in the MAPEI outfit. If you follow the white line, you can see in the video the SUV is over the bike lane, this happened after the SUV passed our group and then decided to make a quick right turn in front of the group. The lady screaming is a real state agent who was trying to sell a condo in the building to the right of the road. I guess she is mad because her sale got interrupted. Notice how caring she is about the rider who is still under the back of the SUV... she takes no responsibility for the fact that she just caused this accident!

Anonymous said...

This was absolutely classic! I was there and the woman was out of control! She let her emotions get the best of her and she made a few comments that she wishes she could take back!

kathryn said...

I'm really impressed with how the cyclists are handling themselves in this situation. I would like to know what citations she received and if her auto insurance is covering the full health care costs of those she ran over.

Suzi Lane said...

Amazing and very scary! I hope to God that the drive was ticketed. My best to those hurt and yes, the cyclist behaved with decorum. Ride on!!

Anonymous said...

The bike lane is considered another vehicular lane, a driver of any vehicle must be sure that lane is clear before crossing it to make a turn. Thus, if she crossed that line and caused an accident, then she is responsible for that. It is no different than if a driver makes a right from the far left lane and crosses over the right lane to make a turn... she impeded the right of way and caused the accident thus she is responsible and her insurance must pay + any additional law-suits that are filed against her due to her negligent actions.