Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Highway bill reaches the governor

The grab-bag HB971 has reached the desk of Gov. Charlie Crist.  He now has about 10 days to sign the bill, as the Sun-Sentinel urges, or veto it, as the Florida Bicycle Association recommends.

To read the Fort Lauderdale paper, you would think this was all about bike lanes.  That's just a piece of why the bill is a bad one, though.  The part that bothers me most is letting four-time  DUI offenders back on the highway just because they've purchased a breath-test device for their car's ignition. I prefer the present law: four strikes and you drive no more.  Nor do I like the idea of letting cities, towns and villages invite golf carts and other small motor vehicles onto their sidewalks and paths.

If you've been delaying your response, here's info you need: Phone: 850-488-7146,
e-mail: Charlie.Crist@MyFlorida.com.

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