Thursday, May 06, 2010

League joins effort to veto HB971

The League of American Bicyclists is aiding Floridians who want to stop HB971 from becoming law.  If you haven't already written or called Gov. Crist to ask for a veto, based on yesterday's post right here or the other alarms from the bike-walk community, you're invited to use the CapWiz tool at the League's web site.

This bill is a grab-bag of many things, most of them bad for users of our streets and roads. Requiring cyclists to use a bike lane where one is available is bad enough, but possibly not the worst part of the bill.  . . . There's a new exemption from Florida's law against no-see window glass in cars, a local waiver so golf carts and certain other motor vehicles can be invited onto paths designed for walkers and cyclists, and more. The fact that the bill also authorizes three new specialty license plates may have made the legislation seem so innocent that nobody voted against it in the House or the Senate.  But this is not innocent legislation, it's reckless.  It needs to be stopped.  Any good in this bill can safely wait for the next session in Tallahassee.


Anonymous said...

You did not mention the MOST reckless part of the bill which is it will allow 4 time convicted DUI offenders to get their driver's license reinstated wheras current law requires the permanent revocation of a drivers license upon a 4th DUI conviction. What's worse is this provision of the bill was inserted for a wealthy 4 time convicted DUI offender who wants his license back. Click on the following link to see a Channel 10 story on this and note how MADD does not "deny or confirm" that it received contributions from this individual:

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