Thursday, June 17, 2010

A cyclist rethinks red-light cameras

I've scoffed as one city after another rushed to adopt red-light cameras -- whether to cut down on traffic collisions or to enhance municipal revenue.  They bothered me because of reports that drivers would panic-stop when they realized cameras were in action, and that would make for rear-end collisions. Then I watched a video that Keri Caffrey posted today at Commute Orlando:

In her usual worthwhile discussion in today's post, Keri refers to the "culture of me" and how it creates danger and destroys community.  Come to think of it, that "culture of me" probably is the one biggest impediment for street cyclists in greater Miami.  So whether you are biking because you love to, or driving because you have to, keep the other guy or gal in mind. We're all mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters out on the street.  It's everybody's obligation to be safe.


Eddie Suarez - Kpeste99 said...

Wow.... blatant disregard for the law... My opinion on the cameras is install them everywhere! I'm not fond of "big brother" watching over everything I do but I have nothing to worry about because I don't blatantly disregard the law. Those folks who are adamantly against them I'm sure have something to hide.

Well my first opinion is that law enforcement should enforce the law. Why should I be doing 60 on the palmetto, get passed by another car, THEN get passed by a police cruiser, who then passes the car that just passed me. Obviously he was speeding! Pull his arse over!!!

Then set the fines in an increasing manner. After your third offense lets say you are paying 50% more. Your 5th you face 100% more fine and community service. Your 10th means jail time... etc...

ie, a 29 year old shouldn't be allowed to drive after his 45 infraction.

Anonymous said...

Culture of me is right! Photo enforcement corporations are making millions of dollars from equipment that is never calibrated by the government. Also, ten cities have been caught shortening yellow light times to increase profits. On top of htat, the accident rate goes up with these cameras.

20 reasons to oppose photo radar: