Saturday, July 31, 2010

Admiral Collins killed on his bike

Retired Adm. LeRoy Collins Jr., the Florida director of veterans' affairs, was killed riding his bike in Tampa early Thursday. The Tampa Tribune reported that an SUV making a left turn hit Collins in a crosswalk about 7 a.m. Police told the paper that no charges would be filed. Here's the Tampa newspaper's report.  Additional detail about Collins is at the St. Petersburg Times.

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Peter said...

I agree with many comments on St P Times site wondering why no charges against the driver. It certainly seems like the driver was at fault for something, at least failure to yield to pedestrian or even manslaughter. A tragedy like this needs to be addressed by the police.

Some accounts say 6am, some 7am. If 6am is true and bike didn't have lights then that could have been a factor. But still, when turning left a driver should see bike approaching or have seen when overtaking.