Thursday, July 01, 2010

Gimenez airs 5-year plan for causeway safety

County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez rolled out a five-year safety work plan for the Rickenbacker Causeway tonight, responding to long concerns among bicyclists who frequent the road between Miami and Key Biscayne. The plan anticipates spending at least $875,000 a year, money derived by setting aside 25 cents from every toll collected on the causeway.  Gimenez announced the plan to bicyclists at a town hall-type session at the Coral Gables Youth Center.  The plan is subject to a County Commission vote, currently set for July 20, and may be modified after tonight's public comments. Here's what the plan includes at present:

In fiscal 2010-11
  • A user-activated crossing signal on Hobie Island (Windsurfer Beach) to help cyclists turn around to go in the other direction before reaching the toll plaza.
  • Evaluation of a speed study to see whether speed limits should be lowered.
  • Rader-equipped "your speed" signs along the causeway.
  • Begin modifying lanes west of the toll plaza to assist riders going to or from Brickell Avenue and 26th Road.
In fiscal 2011-12
  • Complete the lane-modification above.
  • Adjust width of Crandon Boulevard from the Bear Cut Bridge to Key Biscayne, restripe the road and widen the bike lanes.
In fiscal 2012-13
  • Complete modification of Crandon Boulevard.
  • Begin modifying the shared northside bike-walk lane between the West Bridge underpass and the flyover ramp to Brickell Avenue.
In fiscal 2013-14

  • Complete northside path changes.
  • Provide a multi-use trail along the north side of the causeway from Bear Cut to the Powell Bridge, giving access to Sewer Beach Road for cyclists crossing at the signal in front of MAST Academy.
Fiscal 2014-15
  • Evaluate the best location for a grade separated crossing of the causeway for bicyclists, walkers and runners.


Anonymous said...

A portion of the money could also be used to pay for dedicated public transportation (beach bus) to the parks on Virginai Key and Key Biscayne - thereby reducing the number of cars on the Rickenbacker.

Premitive1 said...

anon, that won't happen.
it just won't

not necessarily a bad idea though, just saying that it wasn't mentioned and didn't seem to be any concern
this is specifically a push to to appease bicyclists

Eddie Suarez - Kpeste99 said...

2 things:

1) Speeders. Doesn't help that law enforcement isn't doing much to stop speeders including themselves.

I was doing 45mph yesterday on the causeway. A police cruiser drove past me, passing, weaving around the other cars. No his siren or lights were not on.

2) BMW stops in the bus lane. I ask the driver if his car was broken down. No. I mentioned that he was stopped in the bike lane, and if he could move his car into the grass. Shrugs shoulders and proceeds to move as slow as molasses. I told him how he is putting our lives in danger and someone could be killed. He moved even slower then...

Issues like the two above could be addressed immediately and don't require a 25-cent toll.

VK observer said...

The County rep at the meeting mentioned he's talking to City of Miami planners about creating bike lanes and paths on Virginia Key and in the North Point. It's important to make those wishes known now before the City Commission approves a new master plan for Virginia Key. More info at