Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pinecrest enforcing stop signs

Pinecrest police will ticket bicyclists who blow through stop signs and traffic lights on Old Cutler Road and 62nd Avenue. This word emerged from a meeting of Mayor Cindy Lerner, Village Manager Peter Lombardi and Police Chief John Hohensee with a few bicyclists after someone complained about aggressive riding.

Other news from the meeting: Mayor Lerner denies what cyclists have been buzzing for a week or more, that a crackdown on cyclists was the result of a rider's rude gesture in her direction. She said that she hadn't seen anything of the sort -- and that it was cyclists themselves who asked for enforcement.


Jokester said...

It is time to build Metrobike, a bike pathway above the traffic and over intersections. Get rid of the inefficient and expensive Metrorail or combine the two, side by side. It is too dangerous to bike with motor vehicles in Miami, it is too dangerous to even walk across the streets in Miami. Build the paths over sidewalks to provide shade for pedestrians and over business frontage, to provide shade and rain protection over the outdoor tables at restaurants and storefront windows and doors. Have up and down ramps every 5 blocks and at major intersections along with showers and bike boxes.

Eddie Suarez - Kpeste99 said...

So she enforces the laws against the cyclists because we complained about ourselves?

how about our complains about cars?

Is she choosing which complaints to ignore and which to enforce?

BTW, I ride following the rules of the road...

dario said...

It worries me that when Police get involved they seem to be protecting the public from riders. Those that feel most threatened when another vehicle is too close are not wearing a seatbelt. Will Police ever enforce the 3' law?

vey said...

My city enforces stop signs against motorists by parking a police car around the corner and observing traffic until one doesn't stop, then writing a ticket. Because of this, if my city announced that it was going to enforce stop signs against cyclists, I would not be surprised, nor would I object.

Another city I ride in doesn't do that. Unless the city enforces the law evenhandedly, I am suspicious.