Monday, August 23, 2010

Advocate saved by her helmet

Darla LeTourneau had an over-the-handlebars accident on Sanibel, and her helmet saved her from a serious head injury.  She tells all on the BikeWalkLee Blog.


Anonymous said...

back in '97, i got hit by a car and i also flipped over the handle bars. i cracked the helmet in 3 places, bu the old noodle was fine, i didn't even black out. i had flash backs for awhile but those passed with time and subsequent rides.

vey said...

Someday, when I'm feeling brave, I will go as fast as I can and then clamp down on the front brake only just to see what happens. I think, because I ride further back and don't use drops, that my weight will keep me from gong A over tea kettle.

I have fallen many times, but I have never gone over the handlebars, nor have I knocked my noggin on anything. Maybe I should be wearing knee and shin guards?