Monday, September 13, 2010

M-Path walk signals going up at Bird Road

A highway department contractor was installing walk signals today for the busy intersection where the M-Path crosses Bird Road alongside U.S. 1 in Miami. This is Raul Borges, the foreman supervising the work for Horsepower Electric.  The new signals are not in operation yet, but I'm eager to see how they affect this longtime trouble spot for cyclists and walkers.

Is it too much to hope that a loop will be installed under the path to detect oncoming bicycles so riders don't have to stop and push a button?  The button on the north side of Bird, by the way, would be a lot more helpful it it was rotated so approaching path users could see it before reaching the curb.  As seems to be routine around here, the button and informative placard have been installed facing the street instead.

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