Thursday, October 07, 2010

Tunnel work forcing bicycle detours

The eastbound breakdown lane used by bicyclists entering the MacArthur Causeway was being closed this week -- for approximately a year -- in order for the bridge to be widened. The adjoining sidewalk will also be closed. It's all part of the Port of Miami Tunnel project that's supposed to take heavy truck traffic off downtown streets.

While walkers are being guided to the north side of the bridge via NE 13th Street (south side of the Adrienne Arsht Center), eastbound cyclists would be best advised to use the Venetian Causeway rather than ride the two-way sidewalk into the MacArthur. Click here to enlarge the map.

Liz Fernandez, the public information spokeswoman for the project, said the state Department of Transportation has asked the private design-build team to study and price out having the eastbound breakdown lane and sidewalk replicated in the enlarged bridge.   The bridge has three 12-foot motor lanes in each direction now, and it's to be enlarged to four.

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