Friday, November 19, 2010

Goin Back on the Bicycle

How about a bicycle song, everybody?  Thanks to Rod MacDonald for pointing me to this one!


German Hernandez said...

1) The day was fine and the sun did shine
but now it's near the evening
and I was driving in my car
not far from near Rathfriland.
I just had paid the road tax
And fire and theft insurance,
When the petrol tank said:"That's all, Frank!"
And this is my conclusion:

I'm going back on my bicycle,
I just can't pay the bills,
I'm going back on the bicycle
Freewheel down the hills.

2) My aunt Jane she took me in
with her blarney and her lingo.
She said, that she would buy the juice
If I took her to the bingo.
But all she ever gives to me
Are lollipops and spangles.
If she wants to go tomorrow,
She can sit up on the handles.

3) You won't go far without a car!
Or so said all the Joneses,
And I went crawling to the bank:
"Would you please give me a loan, sir?"
Ah, curse the day, I made my way
Behind those windscreen wipers,
With oil sheiks and the petrol strikes,
I can't pay the piper.

4) Three thousand pounds I earn each year,
Two Thousand hours I'm striving,
And a thousand pounds I spend on fifteen
Thousand miles of driving.
Now, a ten-mile-drive takes an hour strive,
If you can get my meaning,
And ten miles an hour I could beat
On the bike freewheeling.

Anonymous said...

Is this from one of the guys of the Sands family from Northern Ireland?