Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Next governor needs some good ideas

Gov.-elect Rick Scott is inviting Floridians to submit ideas for cutting the cost of state government. It's a good chance for all of us to speak up for giving bicycling a fairer chance at transportation funding. Points you might want to make (within your 150-word limit) include:
  • Bike commuters require less parking space than motorists do, 
  • Cycling enlarges the area served by public transportation, 
  • Biking doesn't require buying oil from anywhere,
  • Bicycling improves the fitness of its participants, reducing medical costs and time lost to illness.
Here's where to send your ideas to the governor:


dario said...

Is there a deadline for these submissions?

JHop said...

I have not seen a deadline published. We probably shouldn't wait long about submitting, though. Looks like Scott is lining up things ahead of his inauguration.