Thursday, December 02, 2010

Florida cyclist touring the Everglades

Scott Little of Fort Lauderdale would like for you to see his review of options for touring the Everglades by bike. He's writing at Neil Gunton's site, Crazy Guy on A Bike, which I'm adding to the recommended links here so you can find  pleasure -- and perhaps useful hints -- in the many bike-adventure journals there.

We don't hear a great deal about bicycle touring in South Florida, despite our many attractions.  The emphasis here tends to be on training and large-group rides, with some recent growth of interest in bicycle commuting. I'm hoping we'll see new interest in touring as our two prime off-road paths, the M-Path and South Dade Trail, get integrated into the East Coast Greenway and more visitors include the bicycle in their Florida travel plans.


Scott Little said...

Good morning. Thanks for posting a note on my Glades article. The Crazyguy site is a great procrastination device!


ksteinhoff said...

I've written quite a bit on Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail. This post has some maps and other links about the LOST.

Hope you find it useful.

JHop said...

Thanks, Ken! Always glad to hear from you.