Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bertonatti trial postponed

Carlos Bertonatti's manslaughter trial in the death of cyclist Christoph LeCanne was postponed again today. Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Bronwin Miller granted 90 days on a defense request for more time because the prosecution had submitted additional witnesses.

Bertonatti and his father were in court, clean-shaven and somber in their business jackets as their attorney stood with the defendant to make his request.

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Anonymous said...

Great now the jerk can work on his suntan for the next 90 days, hanging out by the pool of his luxury condo in beautiful Key Biscayne. I wonder if the Judge would consider that keeping with in the rules of his house arrest. Some how it does not seem fair to me since the pool of his condo is not really his house, its a common area of the condo building. He should have to stay with in the walls of his private home. Hopefully someone will bring his pool time to the attention of the judge! I doubt it as this story seems to be getting less and less media attention after the initial outrage has calmed down.