Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Virginia Key trails a hit on opening day

Downtown Miami is just across Biscayne Bay from the new Virginia Key trails.
Photo copyright Tyrone Minton.

Hundreds of mountain bike enthusiasts, maybe even 1,000, turned out on Sunday for the inaugural day of the Virginia Key mountain bike trails. The weather was picture-perfect and the trails a satisfying mix of sweeping scenery and challenging ups and downs. Congratulations to trail advocates John Voss, of the Oleta River Adventure Association and now the Virginia Key Bicycle Club, and Mary Jane Mark, the farsighted owner of Mack Cycle & Fitness.
Read her account on Facebook of how technical advice from the International Mountain Biking Association, and the sweat of a couple dozen volunteers, carved the new trails out of a wasteland created by the dredging of the Port of Miami decades ago. Thanks to Tyrone Minton for the stirring photo here. He shot many more on Sunday, and says he'll sell copies for the benefit of the Virginia Key club.

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Anonymous said...

Also looking forward to the ecological restoration of the North Point with native forest plants. And welcome to the general public with hiking trails as part of the new masterplan approved for Virginia Key.