Friday, March 25, 2011

A voice excluded from the Mica hearing

Linda Stewart had been on the witness list for the recent House Transportation Committee hearing upstate in Maitland. She was bumped by someone in Rep. John Mica's office. But she got to say her piece in an oped in the Orlando Sentinel. Notably:
The only way to break our oil dependence is to invest in transportation options like world-class public transportation, high-speed rail, and safe pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, in addition to fuel-efficient and electric vehicles.
You can read more here.


dohicky said...

interesting... electric vehicles.
Sen. Alexander from Tenn. stated on CNN's sunday morning political show saying that he bought or was going to buy an electric vehicle so that our money would not being going overseas.... hmmm, sounds like a repudiation of old Ron Regan, the guy who removed the solar panels from the roof top of the white house if ever i have heard a repudiation.
BTW, those solar panels still have not made it back to the white house as of yet.

Premitive1 said...

i don't see how switching to a higher dependence on coal will make anyone better off than our currently high dependence for both coal and oil.