Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bikes in mind as state plans U.S. 1 repaving

Wide curb lanes to accommodate bicyclists are included in state plans for the repaving of U.S. 1 (S. Dixie Highway) between SW 168th Street and SW 102nd Street. It doesn't strike me as a good idea because of the speeds I see on that stretch along the west side of Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay. These new lanes would be just a few yards away from the bike route I like to use -- the South Dade Trail, which runs along the Busway.

The plans are being aired Thursday night at St. Louis Catholic Church, 7270 SW 120th St., Pinecrest. The meeting runs from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Florida Department of Transportation will have engineers present to explain details, answer questions, and hear public comment.

Here are lots more details via the Miami Herald's Neighbors section.


Anonymous said...

It isn't a terribly bad idea if you have to cover a short distance and any reminder of the fact that bicycles could be there and form part of the regular streetscape) is - I think - welcome.

vey said...

In-town auto speeds should be reduced. To put at-grade highways through business districts (even if they are strip districts) with speed limits of 45MPH was/is a dumb idea. Something they started doing in the '60's.

Wide outside lanes without mandatory bike lanes work fine even at 45MPH. I know because I use one.