Saturday, May 07, 2011

Money for bike paths, sidewalks might be switched to roads

The congressman with the most power over national transportation policy says federal funding for sidewalks and bicycle facilities should be stopped. He is Rep. John Mica of Winter Park, the chairman of the House transportation committee. Legislation being prepared by his staff would eliminate the Transportation Enhancements program, which in Florida and several other states has been the primary spur to building infrastructure that makes walking and bicycling safer and more convenient. You can read Dan Tracy's good reporting at the Orlando Sentinel. Please be sure to vote in the newspaper's reader poll to the left of the article.

There's comment and further reporting at DC Streetsblog.

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Anonymous said...

To be expected. After all, bikes run counter to sales in the automotive, oil, steel, financial, insurance, medical, etc... industries, and each of them have more lobbying power and contribute more to political campaigns than all pro bike/pedestrian groups put together