Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bike-helmet crusader dies

I recommend you get The Miami Herald today to read about Lynn Mintz's life and death. Here's the top of Ellie Brecher's article:

DEATHS | LYNN MINTZ, 65Loss motivated counselor, bike-safety crusader

On March 7, 1984, a man driving a 1979 Ford knocked Lynn Mintz's world off its axis.   It was a Wednesday. Her 10-year-old daughter, Rebecca, was riding her bike to Sunset Elementary School, and collided with the car.   She wasn't wearing a helmet.  

Two days later, Lynn and her husband, psychologist Sanford Mintz, made the wrenching choice to disconnect life support — and to donate their younger child's organs to several recipients.  
As she began to regain her bearings, Lynn Mintz decided to campaign for bicycle safety, so that what happened to her family "should never happen again,'' her husband said.  

They organized bicycle rodeos, helped bring bike-safety classes into the public schools, and worked for Florida's 1997 mandatory under-16 helmet law.  . Mintz became a therapist, and specialized in counseling the victims of sexual abuse, many of them children.  

Lynn Gail Dardick Mintz, born in St. Louis, died of cancer at her South Miami home on June 6 — the day after her 65th birthday.

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