Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lanes to Key Largo almost complete

U.S. 1 a few miles south of Florida City.
Tom Burton reports that the widening of U.S. 1 between Florida City and Key Largo is almost complete:
The four-foot inside shoulder stripe is visible next to the concrete barrier with a 12-foot travel lane and 10 foot northbound hurricane evacuation lane. The new road is complete except for one mile, where there is two-way traffic; this should be finished by next year. I advise anyone bicycling this route to wear brightly colored clothing with traffic safety vest and bright lights.
These bikeable shoulders on U.S. 1 into the Florida Keys connect to the Overseas Heritage Trail, a multiuse path parallel to the highway that's a project of the Florida Department of Transportation. Thanks to trail overseer Monica Woll for the clarification.


vey said...

Where are cyclists supposed to ride? On the right hand side of the rumble strip? Is this the new state-of-the-art design?

JHop said...

Yes, ride to the outside of the rumble strip. I wouldn't necessarily call this design state of the art, but it's practical for a stretch of road through protected wetland where right-of-way is limited. The rumbles are important here because of so many Florida Keys crashes involving sleepy drivers. Readers with road-design experience may want to chime in here; I'm no engineer.

vey said...

Jeepers. They have to install a rumble strip because so many sleepy drivers run off the road and crash? What will they do to me if I am there in the shoulder?

We have had several cyclists killed around Central Florida while riding in the shoulder. Broad daylight. Flat, dry surface. Middle of the day and no drugs or alcohol.

All the motorists say the same thing, "I didn't see him." Not a single one of them was ticketed, much less indicted and yet the FDOT wants us to ride there?

Monica Woll said...

Just FYI, this is not part of the Overseas Heritage Trail. The FKOHT starts at Mile Marker 106.5 in Key Largo. It is a separate shared use path, not along the shoulder as this stretch is (except on occasion in restricted areas). Contact me for further info at monica.woll@dep.state.fl.us