Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Miami seeks bike-share vendor

The City of Miami has invited vendors to bid on creating a bicycle-rental program similar to Deco Bike in Miami Beach or the famous Velib in Paris, city bike coordinator Collin Worth told the county's Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee last night. With a nod to committee member Xavier Falconi, the Miami Beach transportation director, Worth said, "You guys are getting a lot of praise for that, and we want some, too."

Deco Bike appears to be successful -- with surprising local support. The Miami Beach Transportation & Parking Committee reported last month that the service was clocking around 11,500 bike rentals per week, and that 57 percent of the riders have phones in the 305 or 786 area code. There were 500 bikes deployed as of early May. The average rental time is 21 minutes, which the transportation committee interprets as meaning the bikes were rented for travel to specific destinations.

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