Monday, July 25, 2011

Grove rider recovers old friend

Among the happy bicyclists at Bike Miami Day yesterday, the one I'll remember best is Bob Deresz, riding his beloved Raleigh Gran Sport. This bike was stolen from Bob on 27th Avenue 39 years ago. He recovered it just this summer after sighting its gleaming chromed steel leaning on a railing during the Washington's Birthday Regatta last year at The Barnacle. Bob spoke to the rider, a visitor who had borrowed the bike from a local. Through gentle persuasion over the course of more than a year, Bob eventually regained his prize ride. Telling about it now, he is full of appreciation that he was able at last to take the Raleigh home again. Where the bike's been in the meantime is mostly a mystery. If only bicycles could talk!


Anonymous said...

Great story!

Maybe Bob can help me find my yellow 1974 25" Schwinn Super Sport.

I bought it with money earned from my high school job at Tacos Ole.

It was swiped from the rear of Burger King on Bird Road (70 Ave) on a warm spring day in 1974 while I was inside visiting a very attractive blond employee named Karon.

What really sucked is that she didn't even give me her number...

Tom Falco said...

Funny, I know Bob, I have to ask him about this. But to think he recognized the bike after all that time is amazing. Eagle Eye Bob. :)