Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Growing pains for Critical Mass

I hope no bicyclist overlooks Rydel's comments about last week's Miami Critical Mass ride. Here's one of the staunchest supporters of the ride telling us that a good thing is in danger of being ruined by a few jerks. To come at this from another angle, let me say that group riding requires a certain discipline -- and the larger the group the more discipline is needed. Each rider needs to take responsibility not only for the safety of self but also for the others. Designated pace-setters, corkers, and other cool heads are important, even in a ride that de-emphasizes leadership. Please don't be a hothead or a showoff. Keep these rides sweet, eh?

1 comment:

longtimecyc said...

this was always one of my concerns with the size of the rides...
i'll stick with my solo rides, i know i can control myself and follow the rules of the road.