Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Firetruck hits, kills bicyclist

It's hard to say whether Cullen Detamore would have saved his life if his bicycle had had brakes. But you do have to wonder. You also have to wonder about drivers of really big trucks making right turns around someone as vulnerable as a lone guy on a bike. Read more at the Orlando Sentinel.
Here's a map of the location.


Anonymous said...

Far from being Hit, Detamore Was run over after loosing control of Racing Bicycle with no Brakes, Speeding Up, Lost control of Racing Bicycle with no Brakes, FL Statue requires BRAKES on Bicycles. Instead of speeding up should have just hit the brakes......
According to

By Susan Jacobson, Orlando Sentinel
"The racing bicycle, which was closest to the curb, had no brakes, so Detamore sped up and also turned to try to avoid a collision, Neutzling said. Witnesses said he lost control of the bicycle and fell underneath the massive Engine 62, where he was run over by the rear wheels, she said."

Peter said...

Dead bicyclists don't tell tales so homicide investigations should be much more thorough and factual than this report was. Too many unanswered questions and a misleading smokescreen of bicycle equipment confusion sound like a coverup with convenient conclusions blaming the victim.

Was the direct cause of the collision the bicycle's equipment or a truck that turned into the path of the bicycle? If a fire truck doesn't take care to avoid knocking down a bicyclist then all the braking power in the world won't save him. What was the speed limit there? I'm guessing it was 30 mph. How could a bicycle overtake a truck on an open road? If instead the truck passed the bicycle then the collision was probably the fault of the truck driver carelessly passing and turning.

The critical issue is which vehicle was overtaking the other. Did the truck pass the bicycle and cut him off against FL statute 316.083? How did the truck driver fail to determine that turning right was safe per statute 316.085(2), especially after swinging to the left? Even if the bicycle did not have a HAND brake, was it's fixed gear brake sufficient to meet the law (316.2065[14])? WESH.com wrote "Investigators said they believe Detamore [bicyclist] didn't obey traffic laws." Which laws?

JHop said...

The brakes / no brakes question may actually be irrelevant in this case. Even the best driver of a big truck has substantial blind zones on each side. What if the cyclist was trying to pass on the right? I doubt his brakes would have helped. Yes, we should have brakes and use them, but we also need to ride smart.

Steven Schuemann said...

The bicyclist must have been in or almost in the intersection, to have a vehicle that is moving faster, to hit him. Classic case of Blaming the Victim! I have been hit in the intersection by someone making a right turn immediately after they passed me. You do not expect any vehicle to make a right turn, when they are passing from behind you, so you are not able to use your brakes in time. Why would anyone try to make a right turn immediately after they saw you? Auto drivers are blind when it comes to seeing bicyclists. They totally disregard bicyclists. Try counting the 1-2 seconds it takes for a vehicle to pass you, and you will see them hundred yards up the street.