Saturday, November 12, 2011

Safety campaign points up blind spots

There's a powerful safety campaign launching in the Tampa Bay area, thanks to the Florida Department of Transportation and several cooperating partners. It includes sobering video that every driver and adult cyclist -- and nobody's children -- should see:

See the Impact from dunn&co on Vimeo.

Learn more about the whole campaign at


Anonymous said...

this is a bad video ... not only because of the obvious content, but more importantly because of this: with the exception of the first situation (which is also questionable), all others show pedestrians and cyclists who behave inappropriately or dangerously. I don't see a situation where a car driver does something seriously "wrong". and I'm sure that footage would not be hard to find ...

JHop said...

One of Florida's metro cycling gurus -- I don't recall which one -- says that riders and pedestrians are at least partly at fault in a majority of the fatal cases. I'll write about that once I dig up the relevant statistics.