Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Train courtesy #1

I like taking my bicycle onto Metrorail. It's a real convenience to have it at the destination station so I can pedal to where I'm going -- and, if time allows, bike all the way home. The recommended way to get to the platform is the station elevator, though I acknowledge that at times I've ascended just as this rider did today. Trouble is, if you're about to miss a train it's pretty hard to pass a biker on the escalator. He and I and another barely timely rider were left on the platform as the train pulled out a few seconds after 10:30. Had he used the escalator, two of us would have caught our train.

OK, you say, the next train is, what, 10 minutes later? Are any of us too busy for a 10-minute wait? Maybe not, but it's hard to relax and smell the flowers -- even if dropping back from "gotta get to work" mode might be healthy.
Then there's this: Thoughtful riders make friends for cycling, and we could use a few more friends these days.

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