Sunday, February 19, 2012

Riders remember one of their own

There's an excellent slide show of yesterday's memorial event on the Rickenbacker Causeway.  The photos are by Peter Andrew Bosch of The Miami Herald. See it here.  Other newsy links are in Rydel's post at The Miami Bike Scene, along with Tom Evental's fine video.

Earlier, two Herald writers described how Aaron Cohen's death last week has sparked a new wave of interest in making the Miami area's streets safer. Their report is here. One should note that the concern is not focused on the Rickenbacker alone. Speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs -- indeed, simple dangerous discourtesy-- are widespread throughout Miami-Dade County. They endanger every resident or visitor. Addressing this issue should be on the minds of every elected official in our county.

The advocacy group Green Mobility Network has launched a safety campaign called SafeStreets Miami. It's very new but also very active and soon will merit your attention.

Our anti-bike neighbors bombarded the Herald's website with predictable complaints about uppity cyclists. I was moved to post this response to one of them:
More frequent DUI stops, and better speed enforcement, would indeed make a difference. That Mr. Cohen was killed in a highly visible location shouldn't make us lose sight of the fact that Miamians and our visitors can be struck down any day on any street in town. Remember the guy loading his car in Miami Beach a few days ago? Remember the poor guy at the bus stop several weeks earlier? We need to stop tolerating people who aren't competent to drive. When was the last time you saw a bartender take a customer's car keys? Have you ever told a friend, let me take you home, you shouldn't be driving? Have you taught your children -- by example -- not to use a cellphone while driving? All of us should ask ourselves, when I'm driving, and see a jerk in another car, do I steer clear or do as the idiot does?

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