Thursday, January 29, 2009

Developers seek driveways across the M-Path

Bicyclists using the M-Path through Coral Gables need to know that two developers are seeking approval to build driveways across the Path to their properties on S. Dixie Highway near LeJeune Road. I'll deal only with the biggest site right now and do the other soon.

Kendall developer Jeff Berkowitz, perhaps best known for his Dadeland Station and its iconic Romero Britto sculpture, is well along with his plans for the Deel Ford property on the downtown side of LeJeune, currently being used to store The Collection's automobile inventory. His representative brought sketchy drawings to the county Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee last night, looking for the green light that Miami-Dade Transit, owner of the M-Path, wants from the committee before continuing negotiations with Berkowitz.

Committee members made several recommendations about controlling how cars would cross the path, and Berkowitz's attorney, Steve Helfman, indicated ready willingness to comply. But he didn't get the green light because, on this second appearance before the committee, the project still wasn't backed by drawings showing where the safety installations would go. If Helfman will come back next month with those plans, and a written promise to carry them out and maintain the safety installation, the committee indicated it will smile upon the project.

The other property is the empty corner of LeJeune and S. Dixie where a Shell gas station formerly stood. The owner, Scott Rosenbaum of Coral Gables, plans a multi-story office building. I'll come back to this project later.

Both sites are shown in a fine aerial photo at Transit Miami.

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